Cross-language interoperability. .NET is language independent . This means that, as a developer, you can develop in one of the many languages that target .NET implementations, such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic. You can access the types and members of class libraries developed for .NET implementations without having to know the language in which.
2022. 2. 19. · All you need to do now is click the “ Create A Network ” button in the middle of the screen. 4. Upon clicking the button, the ZeroTier website will immediately create your first network. In this table, you can find the network ID. We will need this ID to connect your Raspberry Pi to this ZeroTier virtual network.
选择运行 Shadowsocks(该插件可以配置 SS、SSR、V2ray 三种协议). 进入插件页面,按照提示依次配置. ZeroTier 是一个基于 UDP 的异地组网工具,支持多平台,如:Windows、MacOS、Linux、IOS、Android、及一些常见NAS平台,首次连接需要与转发服务器通信,建立连接后,则直接在两个客户端间通过 UDP 通信,这里说说 OpenWrt 通过 ZeroTier 实现异地组网,其他平台同理。 . 2021_12_18_被Linux创始人称做艺术品的组网神器——WireGuard.
ZeroTier's software kit is licensed under the ZeroTier BSL, which allows source code access and free use for all with the exception of hosting a network controller for commercial purposes or embedding the ZeroTier source code in a commercial application. You can self-host ZeroTier controllers and nodes for free if you use it for non ...